Would You Like to know How to Stop Paying Too Much Tax to Uncle Sam?

  • Would You Like to know how to keep more $$money$$ in your pocket?
  • Would You Like to know how to Learn tax and investment strategies that can be used when the market goes up, down, or even sideways?
  • Would You Like to know how turn a struggling IRA or 401(k) or any cash or retirement account into and wealth building machine?
  • Would You Like to know how use Whole Life Policies and other insurances as a retirement vehicle?
  • Would You Like to Know How Key Person Policies can benefit your retirement?
  • Would You Like to Know How Buy/Sell Agreements can benefit your retirement?

Understand Your Money What the “Experts” Say

  • “Overtime the market out performs everything”
  • “Safety through diversification”
  • “Buy stocks and mutual funds”
  • “Pay fees as normal”
  • “Everyone loses money sometimes”

However, they failed to explain the tax ramifications or how to not outlive your money




Retirement Planning

As we are all aware, approximately 68% of Americans do not have savings for retirement. This will result in facing retirement with a lower standard of living and since social security cannot fully replace income in retirement, other savings are a necessity. Not all of us are heirs and heiresses! 


Invest in Gold & Silver

Imagine watching the news and hearing about the bear market but knowing you have gold and silver in your portfolio to help ease your concerns. Things happening in the U.S. economy or around the world can’t destroy your wealth if it’s protected.


Estate Planning

Do you have a Last Will and Testament ?
Do you have a Living Trust?
Do you even need a Living Trust?
Do you have powers of attorney?

Durable Financial and also the health care, which is better known as a DHC, durable health-care power of attorney, in case you should become incompetent?

If you have all of the above, are the documents up-to-date? By having a simple review, and making sure that everything is in order, you can save yourself and your loved ones a lot of heart ache.

IRS Audit

Do you owe the IRS? We can settle your back tax debt, stop levies and wage garnishments, provide IRS tax audit help, release tax liens and file back taxes.

Tax Liens & Levys

If you don’t pay your back taxes after the IRS files a tax lien, the IRS may then issue a Notice of Intent to Levy.

Medical Supplement

Add an extra layer of protection for life’s speed bumps. At Russell Financial, we offer a wide range of supplemental insurance policies.

Wage Garnishment

Do you owe the IRS? We can settle your back tax debt, stop levies and wage garnishments, provide IRS tax audit help, release tax liens and file back taxes.

Life Health Insurance

Deaths from accidents or illness are sudden and unexpected. They cause tremendous emotional and financial grief for the surviving family.

Long Term Care

Get the information you need to help protect your family, your assets, and your future.


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Rhonda Russell.

Ms. Russell has met the Federal and State qualifications and high standards in the areas of education, ethics, and licensing in all areas of her practice. All of this knowledge and expertise combined, makes her a sought after agent for retirees that need help with their estate and the accounts they want to protect during retirement


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