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Do you have a Last Will and Testament ?

Do you have a Living Trust?

Do you even need a Living Trust?

Do you have powers of attorney?

Durable Financial and also the health care, which is better known as a DHC, durable health-care power of attorney, in case you should become incompetent?

If you have all of the above, are the documents up-to-date? By having a simple review, and making sure that everything is in order, you can save yourself and your loved ones a lot of heart ache.

Do you have life insurance?

Deaths from accidents or illness are sudden and unexpected. They cause tremendous emotional and financial grief for the surviving family members . If a fatal accident or illness takes your life, will you leave your family with nothing? If you have a life insurance, what if your policy isn’t enough? You can protect your family quite simply. If you are under 50 years old you can get a very nice policy with a large face value for a reasonable premium. This will provide ample funds for your end-of-life expenses, and for your family to move forward with peace of mind knowing that they will not be struggling with bills and, perhaps, a child’s college education, a place to live etc. I have seen far too many people suffer needlessly because they have not had their affairs in order. I have seen people down on the corner having a car wash in order to raise money to bury a dead loved one. How sad is that? Definitely an unnecessary situation.

If you are over 50 or up until age 75 or so and are not concerned with the younger dependents, you can certainly get a smaller more reasonable policy to cover end of life events. It is as simple as picking up the phone and making an appointment to discuss your needs. Many individuals can benefit from a combination of whole life policies and different retirement fund accounts. This allows for cash value and interest earning accounts. This is another aspect of retirement planning that we could certainly discuss on a one to one consultation.

Avoid Probate:

Own retirement accounts that avoid probate Have beneficiary designations on accounts, properties, vehicles, in addition to your “living trust” (which does not necessarily avoid probate in all situations)!

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